What is making Amitabh Bachchan hurt so much?

What is making Amitabh Bachchan hurt so much? news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 09 May 2017 11:27:23.8800000 IST

The iconic Big B has opened his heart and expressed his ‘hurt’ felt feelings.


Mr. Bachchan has always voiced his opinion be it on Nirbhaya’s case or anything that disturbs him and makes him sad. Recently Mr. Bachchan was ‘hurt’ by the behavior of the media on the death of his old pal and colleague Vinod Khanna.

The megastar at a promotional event of his upcoming SARKAR 3 expressed his heartfelt sadness over the commercialization of such sensitive issues and expressed that within seconds after the news of Vinod Khanna’s sad demise was out, media started getting in touch with him for his quotes and comments.

Mr. Bachchan said that when media gets into this rat race of bringing the news first, they show less concern over the feelings of the departed souls’ near and dear ones. Mr. Bachchan also humbly advised the media to refrain from commercializing such sensitive moments as it is deeply hurtful.

Vinod Khanna has been very dear to Mr. Bachchan and the icon’s honest opinion on having some space on the sad demise of a friend should be appreciated on humanitarian grounds.