What is mesmerizing for actor director Amit Khanna?!!

Popular web series ALL ABOUT SECTION 377 now has a second season called STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 and is due for release on a digital platform. Country's first transgender series has a composition of one of the most beautiful tracks of all times Din Shagna Da, this time sung by a male artist- Rydell Medley.

The song is originally sung and composed by Jasleen Royal which was then rehashed in Anushka Sharma's film PHILLAURI. Din Shagna Da, for the longest time has been touted as an anthem of sorts at Indian weddings and is tremendously used to mark the entry of the bride.

Amit Khanna, the director and actor in the web series, says, "Din Shagna Da is a beautiful song and the male version by Rhydell is mesmerizing. Whoever has seen the rushes of the song has loved the look and feel. STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 is a series for everyone as it deals with the emotional aspect more than the physical aspect. The LGBTQ community will draw a lot from it and most importantly be empowered. The effort has always been towards inclusion and that can happen only when people can dispel myths and biases."

ALL ABOUT SECTION 377 was an absolute hit and now the second season- STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 is all ready to hit your screens soon. STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 is presented by SP Cinecorp and Asmiy Entertainment and produced by Mumbai based Dancing Shiva and Phillum Makers.

STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 poster (image courtesy :ITAI DOSHIN MEDIA)
STILL ABOUT SECTION 377 poster (image courtesy :ITAI DOSHIN MEDIA)