Tv actors talk about true love?

Television celebs

As they celebrate Valentine’s Day, our favourite telly actors tell us what they feel true love is and how to deal with an obsessed lover.

Shashank Vyas
True love is based on mutual understanding and affection. It is a matter of the heart. True love is a pure state where feelings are understood. Forced love can be a compromise only. Love can become an obsession as well. There is nothing right or wrong. But love in its pure form can’t be an obsession. The only way to avoid an obsessive lover is to say no right at the start. A good conversation is what melts my heart and keeps me connected to the person who matters.

Ssharad Malhotra
True love is full of emotions where feelings take centrestage and stubbornness goes out of the window. True love is more than just romantic words. Forced love is not love. When love becomes an obsession, it takes a toll and makes life hell. When feelings are not reciprocated, it only damages. Love is a matter of the heart and can’t be judged. 

Shivin Narang
Love is a permanent feeling for someone for whom your heart beats. Life without love is like food without salt. Forced love is a reality too but that doesn't last forever. When a rubber band is stretched beyond a point, it breaks. Obsession is a disease. It has to be handled with maturity. You can't be encouraging it. Patience and understanding connect me with my partner. According to me, trust is very important.

Mohammad Nazim
I guess true love is caring and being there for the person when they need and you accepting them with all their flaws. Love can be forced on anyone but if the person doesn't feel the same for you, she or he isn't the one. If you force the person to stay with you, it would be selfish, meaningless and won't include any feelings.  Love turning to obsession isn't really love. It's one's feeling of controlling things. A person is just obsessed and is calling this feeling love.  An obsessed person who claims to be in love can be avoided when you get the right hints you. You need to keep a safe distance and draw the line before they get too controlling.

Khalid Siddiqui
Love is a pure emotion. It is a matter of the heart. Valentine is just one day to express. But love is something you need to express regularly. Having a caring and understanding nature makes any relationship work and defines true love.