What made actor Sohum Shah produce SHIP OF THESEUS?

What made actor Sohum Shah produce SHIP OF THESEUS? news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 23 Nov 2012 12:03:51.2430000 IST

He made a violent kick-start to his film career with BAABARR (2009) three years ago. Though the film couldn't do much commercially, he was noticed for his brooding act. Circa 2012 and two time actor Sohum Shah is finding good appreciation coming his way from the unlikeliest of quarter i.e. international film festivals. With his performance in Anand Gandhi directed SHIP OF THESEUS being noticed by one and all, it has been an altogether different experience for Sohum after facing the camera for an out and out commercial film like BAABARR.

''See, I just wanted to act. In fact I even auditioned for SHIP OF THESEUS. Anand liked my work and roped me in. Still, let me confess that the way they were thinking about telling this story on screen, I was not sure whether they would be able to make the film,'' smiles Sohum, ''Leave aside India, even in other parts of the world a film like this is almost impossible to pull off. This is the reason I decided to produce the film. That at least ensured that there would be ample funding for it.''

The film has been shot extensively in Himalayas, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Satara and Sweden.

Meanwhile Sohum is also working another film titled TUMBAD. A mystery drama with horror elements to it, the film is a period drama set in 1920s and has already been 75% shot.