What made Neha Dhupia furious?

What made Neha Dhupia furious? news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 24 Mar 2017 16:40:46.7470000 IST

Neha is a role model for many. She is gritty, bold and beauty with brains. Off late she has been in news for weight gain. However, Neha is one of the very few actors, who believes in voicing out her opinion.


Neha, who is currently judging Renault MTV Roadies Rising, was seen raising a concern about body image issues young girls face in India.

It so happened that a 21-year old young contestant, Jagruti who had come to audition for MTV Roadies Rising apparently claimed that she had lost 25 kgs in just 7 months. Listening to this the gang leaders were a tad surprised.

When Neha asked the contestant to do burpees, she couldn’t. It was then that the gang leaders caught the contestant’s lie and probed further to get to the truth.

Speaking about the current situation, Neha said, “If a person claims that she has lost 25 kgs in 7 months, it is almost as good as losing a human being out of your body. It is very sad. In this country a lot of girls suffer from body image issues.”

While talking to the contestant, Neha said, “Not only have you lied to us, you have insulted an entire set of women who are going through complexes. You have not stood for what’s right.'