What reward would S.D.Burman give to Lata Mangeshkar?

What reward would S.D.Burman give to Lata Mangeshkar? news
img By Mansoor Khan | 31 Oct 2014 11:58:20.5970000 IST

O jaanewaale, ho sake to laut ke aanaa....

This S.D.Burman number suits to a perfect ‘T’ as we remember him on his death anniversary.


The great music director gave several hits in his career ranging over three decades in Indian Cinema. His music had the stamp of an unmatched genius. From the folk tunes of rural India to classical Hindustani sangeet, Burman da, as he was fondly addressed remained at the peak till he breathed his last on Oct 31, 1975. Glamsham.Com pays humble homage the legendary maestro and unfolds his sweet and sour relation with Melody Queen, Lata Mangeshkar. 

S.D.Burman and Lata Mankeshkar made a formidable pair. The duo gave several hits from the 50 to the mid 70’s. Who can forget the hit songs like ‘Pighlaa hai sonaa duur gagan par....hothon mei aisi baat mai dabaa ke....Piya tose nayna lage re... Chand phir nikalaa magar tum na aye...., Jogi jabse tu aya mere dware…’

Their association began with MASHAL (1950) but it was ‘Thandi hawayein lahraa ke aayen….’ from NAUJAWAN (1951) that their pair became most sought after in Indian Cinema. Though Burmanda was 23 years older than Lata Mangeshkar and was known to be stern by nature but it was only Lata Mangeshkar who could be naughty with him. 

In an interview Lata confided, “Burmanda had a habit of eating his tiffin alone and would be very irritated when somebody tried to be around while he had his lunch. However I would intentionally move around and make fun but he would never be angry on me.”

Another unknown aspect of their relation was that whenever Lata Mangeshkar would sing a song that would appeal Burmanda, he would hug her and offer a Meetha Paan (Sweet Pan) as a reward.

However this incredible pair had its sour movements too. It’s reported there was some misunderstanding between Burmanda and Lata Mangeshkar that led to rift between the two during the making of Dev Anand’s hit film PAYING GUEST (1957).