What! This director feels OCTOBER is Varun Dhawan’s debut film!

Shoojit Sircar needs no introduction. He has painted canvas in celluloid with some wonderful films like VICKY DONOR, PINK, PIKU, and many more. A football player, a theatre man, Shoojit is back with yet another heart touching film OCTOBER and to our surprise he has roped in jumping and high voltage energetic Varun Dhawan straight out of JUDWAA 2 to mellow down as Dan in OCTOBER. To our belief the trailer and Varun both look promising and it’s all because Shoojit believes strongly in the importance of teamwork.
Shoojit Sircar talks about the significance of OCTOBER, and answers why Varun Dhawan, the collaborative process and why OCTOBER is his story.
How did Varun Dhawan come on board?
To be honest I wanted fresh face for the film. I wanted someone who had the innocence of merely 19 and 20, the adolescence that a college goer has for friendship. I was very clear to not cast anyone known. I didn’t think of Varun as he (Varun) wanted to meet me I called me and he said he isn’t in good shape. He just woke up and his hair is tattered so I said ‘come the way you are’, and I decided I have found, Dan, I wanted someone sober and I just looked into his eyes. He had that innocence in his eyes. I told him to not be a hero and be as natural as possible. While Bandita I saw her TVC, I knew she could be apt for the role.
You had mentioned that OCTOBER came from your own real life experience. Is this true?
Yes. The story has been with me since 2004. I would say it’s not a love story but a story about love. The film does not unfold in October exactly but of course, the month has relevance to the film. Juhi, characterised the season in the story of love. The season is also part of the engagement between these two characters. The film should evoke simple, true human behaviour. No heavy stuff. It’s about the simple things that make you feel lovable or are a demonstration of love. It’s not a serious film; it deals with real emotions, something that we all have done when we were young because as we grow old, we tend to get corrupt.
How easy or difficult was it to calm Varun Dhawan, especially his energy?
Firstly, he is not Varun Dhawan in my film. I didn't cast him as Varun. For me, it's his debut film. I have not seen any of his films. I have only seen glimpses and clips. Our planets are like North Pole and South Pole. When he started working on the film, he realized he had jumped into a different world that was far away from anything he was accustomed to. And he adapted very well. He had to unlearn a lot of things and he was ready to do so, which is why I am saying it's his debut.
shoojit Sircar
shoojit Sircar