What's brewing between Prateik & Amy Jackson?

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 01 Oct 2011 17:41:44.8230000 IST

Prateik Babber and his co star Amy Jackson have become extremely close to each other. If rumours are to be believed he is usually seen chit chatting with her and laughing.


Prateik who is generally a shy lad is very different in presence of the beautiful export to India.

Amy Jackson who is been born and brought up in London has found friends in Prateik.
At the GQ Awards he was to be given the young achiever award so he called up the organizers and requested apart from his team he would be getting a special guest. The organizers were little taken a back but immediately agreed.

Everyone was surprised to see that he walked in for the red carpet with Amy Jackson. And both were looking gorgeous together.

Amy and Prateik have been shooting last 6 months together for Gautham Menon's next untitled film in Kerala back waters, Chennai, Pondicherry and both found friendship as they both more or less the same age and the rest of the unit was much older.

Prateik laughs oh come on now, we are just good friends.