What's hot, what's not in Bollywood

Download Fareb WallpapersShamita Shetty giggled and incessantly messaged someone on her phone, actor Ashmit Patel danced like crazy and filmmaker Ken Ghosh tried to calm an obviously inebriated foreigner amid lots of madness and merriment at one of Mumbai's biggest parties.

Shamita turned up without elder sibling Shilpa and with constant companion designer Rocky S, who wore a pale blue collared T-shirt and denims.

She, along with Patel and Ghosh, was among the last to leave the party at JW Marriot Hotel's famous Enigma disco-lounge Thursday night that carried into Friday morning.

Ghosh struggling to keep up with his companion looked fairly harried as she ran towards the hotel organ on the stairs and almost started to play it. 'No, no, no, darling,' said Ghosh. 'Not that, not now, later, later.'

At the entrance to the hotel, Patel was almost entering a car when Rocky S suddenly called out to him, 'Ashmit, not that car, here come here.'

Adam Bedi, the son of actor Kabir Bedi, with a new companion, became the target of shutterbugs as he hugged and cuddled his lady - all in front of the cameras.

'Isn't this cool?' Bedi asked, flicking his curly blond locks off his face, as he showed off his companion in front of the Zoom TV cameras. 'Isn't she sexy?'

Send Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya EcardsOrganised by party wear major Zod, the event had a unique runway which extended from one end of the disco to a series of makeshift stairs at the round bar.

The models walked on the black runway, which had the silver sword emblem of Zod painted on it, strutted right on the black marble of the bar and then came down on the runway all the way back.

The party also saw two fashion shows instead of one, presumably to help fill the nightlong revelry that ended barely a few hours ago.

Mumbai, suddenly a little empty because of many Bollywood stars travelling to Amsterdam for the IIFA Awards, suddenly came alive at this party, with almost every actor from films or television who was in town attending the bash.

Actors Shawar Ali, Zulfi Sayed and Shayan Munshi added glamour to the party that had DJ Aqueel grooving non-stop to a crowd of more than 300 people who took to dancing on the runway for lack of space.

There was a strong rumour that Salman Khan would turn up but he finally didn't. Also Rhea Sen was expected along with Patel but after the big sex video fiasco (allegedly of Sen and Patel that's doing the rounds), she also gave it a miss.

Send Mere Jeevan Saathi EcardsThe gossip at the party was all about Karisma Kapoor's impending break-up with hubby Sanjay Kapur. One Bollywood celebrity was overheard saying: 'It's sad but it's over (between Kapoor and Sunjay).'

To which, another celebrity retorted: 'Good for her. Karisma needs some peace.'