When a die-hard fan proposed to Aayush Sharma

While still a debutant and awaiting his first release LOVERATRI, Aayush Sharma is building a crazy following among young girls. From his handsome looks to his dancing style and of course, not to forget his smile - Aayush has the girls floored.

Ample proof was on display when Aayush went to promote LOVERATRI at Mumbai's Sophia's College. While Aayush was on stage, a young girl went up to him and taking the actor completely by surprise went down on her knees to propose to him. Aayush, being the thorough gentleman that he is, acknowledged the young girl's gesture and reciprocated by promptly going down on his knees.

The all-girls crowd went crazy over Aayush's sporting gesture and the whistles and claps didn't stop for a while.

Aayush also took his fans by surprise when he broke into his now famous dance step as his song ‘Chogada’ from LOVERATRI was played. Aayush ended his interaction on an extremely endearing note by cutting a cake with one of the students who was celebrating her birthday.