Shehzad Deol’s father: Making us meet him on his birthday was the best gift Ace of Space gave him

Shehzad Deol

Last week was a rather emotional one for the contestants of Vikas Gupta’s Ace of Space. For one of the tasks, the contestants’ family members were called in the show. While many contestants got to meet their families, it was a rather special meeting for one participant - actor Shehzad Deol. The day his parents visited the set also happened to be Shehzad’s birthday and his father, Ravindra Singh Deol, is so grateful to the makers for helping him make this day special for his son. 

“It was very nice meeting him. We got very emotional, we had mixed feelings. It was actually the best gift Ace of Space could have given to Shehzad on his birthday. We felt really good meeting him on his special day. He actually expected no one to come from his house because I was bedridden when he left and he thought that his mother would also not come because of me. But after seeing us, he was very happy. I met with an accident only before 5-6 days before the show started, so that had been troubling him,” he says. 

He adds, “When he saw us, he went through an emotional outburst. It was a very good experience for us.” 

Ask him what is the toughest thing for his son in the house, and Ravindra says, “He cannot adjust with fake people and manipulators. He is a pure soul and I think he is finding it difficult to adjust with fake people, although he is doing very well. He is adjusting somehow but he can't pretend in front of the camera. He is the same kind of person in real life as he is in the show.” 

Although his father is happy to see him form some real friendships in the house. “Of late, I am seeing that Faizy boo is quite close to him, Riya Subodh is also very supportive, even Fiza Khan. I mean they might not be expressing that much but they like Shehzad, they support him. They are not fake. Fiza is quite expressive and somewhere she understands him. She might not be expressing it but somewhere these people have a soft corner for Shehzad,” he says.


However, the actor’s father is happy with his son’s stay in the house. “I'll say he is learning to judge people and is understanding how certain people act in different situations,” he says.