When Anushka offered Shah Rukh Khan Indemnity Bond!

When Anushka offered Shah Rukh Khan Indemnity Bond! news
img By Pooja Sharma | 19 Jun 2017 15:45:08.3000000 IST

In the first mini trailer of JAB HARRY MET SEJAL we saw how Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) revealed to Sejal (Anushka) that he is a very cheap person as when it comes to girls his character is very kharaab.

He warns her off about his womanizing ways but nevertheless Sejal doesn’t buy his story and Harry is left wondering how to make Sejal understand what he is saying.

Now in the second mini trailer of this film we see Sejal showing off her knowledge regarding law (as she is an LLB) by offering Harry an indemnity bond. Now Harry wonders what the hell indemnity bond is and Sejal explains to him that he will be absolved of all legal charges if ever there arise any physical intimacy between them.

Harry is extremely happy and excited about this offer and we see him being unable to contain his happiness.

Well this is something new as we have never seen such kind of arrangement between our hero–heroine before!

Now as these mini trailers are raising our curiosity we are finding it extremely difficult to wait patiently for the other mini trailers’ of JHMS to release.

Watch the official mini trailer below: