When Ayushmann & Sanya met renowned sexpert

Ayushmann Khurrana recently reached out to celebrated sexpert Mahender Watsa to the discuss the dilemma of finding out that his mother was pregnant at 50 and all this right at the time when he was set to propose to his girlfriend Renee aka Sanya Malhotra.

The BADHAAI HO actor could manage sperm donation, erectile dysfunction and body shaming but needed expert advice on this one from Dr. Watsa himself, who is known to resolve some of the most uncanny sex problems.

Family Planning Association of India, FPAI, a 69-year-old organization, facilitated the conversation between the two as they were joined by Sanya Malhotra. FPAI provides access to health Information and services on sex and sexuality for the knowledge and empowerment of communities.

This chat was anything but mundane -

Dr. Watsa explained how sex even after the age of 50 was quite natural and encouraged young adults to have an open mind when it came to this.

The three also explored how the youth of today continue to still remain irresponsible avoiding protection as they joked about them being overconfident and underestimating the consequences and repercussions of their impulsive actions.

Given his current situation, Ayushmann spoke of how it made him uncomfortable every time his parents locked the door, to which Dr. Watsa responded that if parents are expected to be "cool" with their kids' escapades, it's only fair then to give them their space.

The expert also put Sanya's doubts to rest when she questioned the safety of late pregnancies stating that it's best to consult a doctor, while also approaching associations like FPAI who provide counseling for women's health.

Watch this fun, light-hearted and very interesting conversation.