When BOND films & AVATAR can work, why not AAZAAN?

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 07 Oct 2011 18:31:22.5300000 IST

AAZAAN, touted to be Bollywood's biggest espionage thriller till date, is all set to release next week. While most actors play safe for their first film by debuting with a romantic outing, entrepreneur turned producer/actor Sachiin Joshi took a different route by opting for an action thriller.

"Well, for me it was a very simple calculation," says Sachiin, "In India when a JAMES BOND or a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or an AVATAR releases, they do such huge business. In fact it is pretty much comparable to what many other Bollywood movies do, which is a big deal. That happens because people have certain expectations from this genre. My point is that when West can come, release a film here and do so well commercially, why can't our own films do better business in our own country? It's all about giving audience what they want."

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Due to this very reason Sachiin was quiet sure from the very first day that there won't be any corners cut during the making of AAZAAN just because it was a fairly new setup.

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"I have been surprised by quite a few people whom I have met in Bollywood. They want to sell dreams but what they make comes for ridicule from the audience because right kind of effort or conviction hasn't gone in. Quite a films made in recent past have failed due to this very reason. Thankfully film industry has realised that due to which in coming months there are quite a few interesting movies being made at a huge level. There is RA.ONE, AGENT VINOD and DON 2 scaled at a huge level and then there is AAZAAN."

Now that the film is getting readied for release, Sachiin feels that the film may well prove to be a game changer.

"I want to change the perception of the audience," he says, "A few years back came KRRISH which gave a solid impression of something international in the making. Now with AAZAAN our team has taken a conscious call to step into a similar space. We want to give an international film to India."

AAZAAN releases all over on 14th October.