When cops detained Chandan Roy Sanyal!

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 07 Oct 2011 16:39:37.4100000 IST

Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal was stopped mid-way by a police vehicle, late night while shooting for a scene on marine drive for the film-PRAGUE, when they saw him riding a bike & a camera following him.

As the police asked him questions they figured out that the shoot was being done without permission and was a guerilla type of shoot. The police got pretty furious with that & took Chandan & the rest of the crew to the marine lines police station.

view CHANDAN ROY SANYAL picture gallery
view CHANDAN ROY SANYAL picture gallery

Their head inspector was out for a round himself and they waited for him till he returned to know the further course of action. Chandan tried making them understand the whole situation but they refused to hear a single word as Marine Drive is a high security area now days.

When the head inspector came back he heard the story and then suddenly recognised Chandan from FALTU. He had really liked his work and when he learnt about the shoot, he was upset but since being a fan he gave the permission for the shoot for the night but only on the condition that a police vehicle would be around at all times just to make sure that no security was breached. He let off the whole crew with a warning and asked them to get proper permissions before going ahead with any other kind of shoot in the future.