When DANGAL girl Sanya Malhotra's happiness played a double role

When DANGAL girl Sanya Malhotra's happiness played a double role news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 01 Mar 2017 12:20:01.4500000 IST

It’s all happening for the lovely Sanya Malhotra, the DANGAL girl who played Babita and was the biggest cheer leader for her sister Geeta played by Fatima Sana Shaikh in the film. An Anurag Kashyap film and a surprise happiness coming in double role for the young talented actress.


The DANGAL lovely lovingly celebrated her birthday (which one we didn’t dare to ask otherwise she would have given that 5 point wala dhobi pachad) which got special.

The actress had her friends flying down from Delhi especially to be with her on this special day and bring in her birthday here in Mumbai.

The trip was a surprise visit to Sanya by her gang of friends from Delhi. Her entire gang wanted to join in the celebration and so everyone planned a hush hush trip.

So it happens with many people so what’s the double special? You may ask, well the occasion turned out to be a dual celebration for Sanya and her friends as they also celebrated the stupendous success of DANGAL.

This was the first time that Sanya’s gang came together post the release of the film and so they decided to make the most of the opportunity!

Sanya hosted a lavish lunch for the entire group at a suburban Restaurant. It was a day well spent with the gang reminiscing the old days! They congratulated Sanya for the success of the film and expressed their love for her on screen! Oh how cute!

The ‘double’ happy Sanya shared, 'It felt extraordinary to have shared my special day with some dear friends from Delhi who flew down to surprise me on my birthday. This year has been a thrill ride and it was an overwhelming experience to say the least attributable to the achievement of DANGAL. I went out for lunch with a couple of friends and facilitated a dinner at home.'

That’s what we call the ‘saddi dilli wali feeling yaar, dil se’. Sanya and her gang showed their Delhi ka dil and we are also happy for the mast kudi Sanya Malhotra, bhai balle balle dost ho toh aise warna life ka DANGAL hum ladeinge kaise…wah wah, wah wah.