When John looked at himself in disbelief

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 03 Oct 2011 10:52:36.9930000 IST

FORCE has taken a good opening at the box office and John Abraham is seeing all around appreciation coming his way, especially for the kind of physique that he has built for the film. It didn't happen overnight though for John who had just lost weight for JHOOTHA HI SAHI. Thankfully he had good time in hand before he had to face the camera for FORCE. With eight months to go before the film's shoot began, John started went through some gruelling times and training before his director Nishikant Kamat was satisfied with the results.

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view JOHN ABRAHAM picture gallery

'Nishikant's brief was simple; he had seen me in DOSTANA and now wanted a toughie body for FORCE to go with the character of an ACP,' says John, 'I had to go from 88 kgs to 96 kgs of pure muscle which was some journey for sure. In fact after I finished shooting for the film and started losing weight, I didn't quite realise all that I went through. It was only during the film's dubbing when I went like 'Omigawd! who is this man'. Now imagine if I got such a reaction by seeing myself on screen, isn't it but natural for audience to react in an even bigger way after seeing me like that on the big screen?'

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Well, while audience has pretty much cried in unison that John is indeed looking million bucks and has built a body to die for, industry too has already noticed this big change ever since the promos of FORCE hit the screens close to a couple of months ago. Also, the film's action has come for an all-around appreciation as well.

'You feel great when people come and tell you that it is two years that such raw action is making such a huge comeback with FORCE,' gleams John, 'I mean I have myself never seen a leading man lifting a bike and throwing it on a goon. The kind of character that I play, he talks with his hand and fists. He isn't an acrobat which means he can't be jumping around while being tied to the cables. He instead uses the power of his hands to kill people. He can just crush them with his sheer power.'

Well John, here is looking forward to some more bone crunching stuff from you in years to come.