When Mehmood overshadowed Raj Kapoor

When Mehmood overshadowed Raj Kapoor news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 30 Sep 2013 18:30:56.3900000 IST

Whenever Indian Cinema shall talk about comedy in films one name that will unanimously pop up on everyone's lips is that of Mehmood, also crowned by the film fraternity as 'King of Comedies'. Glamsham.Com remembers him on his birthday that fell on September 29.


Though it's true that Mehmood came into the spotlight as a comedian from the movies made by South filmmakers like SASURAL, PYAR KIYE JAA, WARIS, etc, Mehmood first hit the headlines with PARVARISH (1958) in which he was cast opposite the then superstar, Raj Kapoor, with an equally good role. The highlight of the movie was the dance number Mama O Mama.... featuring both Raj Kapoor and Mehmood and critics' felt Mehmood overshadowed Raj Kapoor with his exceptional dance.

The movie brought rave reviews to Mehmood. One reputed newspaper of Mumbai even ranked Mehmood above the great Kapoor. But the modest Mehmood disagreed with the compliment. In one of his interviews, Mehmood had said, ''There is a trend in the press that whenever an upcoming talented artiste is cast opposite a big star, the media always multiplies the magnitude of the new actor's performance, even if, he gives a mediocre performance.''

He added, ''I gave whatever performance it was thanks to the motivation and inspiration of Rajji otherwise I would not have performed so well.''