When Mohammad Rafi made Sonu Nigam Restless

When Mohammad Rafi made Sonu Nigam Restless news
img By Mansoor Khan | 30 Jul 2016 13:22:32.6630000 IST
The world knows that present day singing sensation Sonu Nigam who celebrates his 43rd birthday today is highly inspired by singing legend Mohammad Rafi (who 36th death anniversary will be observed tomorrow 31st July 2016) and began his career by singing Rafi Sahab's song on stage. But do you know when did Rfai sahab made Sonu Nigam 'pareshan' (breathless).


Well in an interview Sonu Nigam confessed that since the age of four he has been singing songs of Mohammad Rafi and regards Rafi Sahab not only as his 'mentor' but an 'Academy' of film music in himself!

When asked which was the song that made him fervent admirer of Mohammad Rafi he said, ''Well there are many songs that leave us mesmerized as to how Rafi sahab could sing a song of high pitch like insaaf ka mandir hai ye bhagwan ka ghar hai... (AMAR) and on the second movement switch over to a low tune sad song like Din Dhal Jaye Haye Rat Naa Jaye (GUIDE) effortlessly with same tempo.''

Speaking about the song Din Dhal Jaye Haye Rat Naa Jaye ... Sonu admits, ''Actually it was Din Dhal Jaye Haye Rat Naa Jaye ... that made me Rafi Sahab's devotee.''

He adds, ''Whenever I hear this song I am awestruck at the sincerity and the command that Rafi Sabha had over his vocal chords. Each word of the song is sung so melodiously and with such perfect 'emotions' that I wonder how Rafi Sahab could infuse such sentiments in the song when the actor Dev Anand had not even acted the song! It was after recording that Dev Sahab enacted on the song.''

''In the song mark how Rafi sahab delivers the words 'pareshan' in the stanza  Tum mujh se main dil se 'pareshan' dono hai majboor... The anguish expressed in the word 'pareshan' made me 'pareshan' (Restless) and from the day I heard this song I became Rafi Sahab's greatest fan,'' informs Sonu Nigam.