When Nikhil encountered real dead body...

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If you think strange things like chancing upon a dead body happen only in films, actor Nikhil Dwivedi's dreadful experience recently will have you think otherwise.

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What may have seemed like a scene straight out of a thriller or suspense film actually happened to Nikhil while he was shooting for his portfolio on the rocky Versova Beach. Nikhil was spooked out of his skulls and jumped out of his skin when he saw a real dead body. Nikhil got shocked and terrified after seeing the horrible and disfigured body. Then, he, his hairdresser, make up artiste, and photographer got their act together and did what they should have - called the police.

Hmm... think now whenever Nikhil goes to the rocky sides, he will first check the area thoroughly for some nasty surprises.