When PC rescued Mugdha

img By Contributor | 23 Jun 2009 16:35:54.1730000 IST



Bad hair days can be a star's worst nightmare. And when Mugdha Godse had to encounter one recently, it was, unexpectedly, FASHION co-star Priyanka Chopra who came to her rescue! Reportedly Mugdha was in a fix due to a major goof-up from the organizers' end during the recently held IIFA awards. When her assigned hairstylist just didn't turn up, the model-turned-actress was left wondering how she would step out of the hotel room for the big night.

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Not knowing what to do, Mugdha called up PC to bail her out at the spur of the moment! Chopra readily agreed to help her and told her to come over to her room even though she was getting ready for the event. Hairstylist Mehera who was attending to PC styled Mugdha's coiffure as well. As there was not much time on hand, it seems she suggested Mugdha keep her hair loose with a simple twist that could go well with her gown.

When it came to crisis, all that Mugdha had to do was dial PC to find a way out of the mess. That's called FASHION ka Jalwa...