When Shahrukh Khan proposed…

We’ve seen Shahrukh do his signature step multiple times but how many times have we seen him go down on his knees and propose an artificial intelligence? Well, we’ll witness this amazing site in the upcoming episode of TED Talks India Nayi Soch.

The 4th episode of the show will be titled ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and speakers from diverse fields will talk about what the future of the world is going to look like. One such speaker, Dr. Ashwin Ram, a computer scientist, and entrepreneur will demonstrate how artificial intelligence will take over our lives with a device called Alexa. He is the founder of Alexa that mesmerized King Khan and he couldn’t resist but propose to this device.

He went down his knees and said, “I Love You, Alexa.” To everyone’s surprise Alexa replied, “That is very sweet of you,” and the actor burst into a hearty laugh along with Speaker Ashwin.

Watch this amusing moment on 31st December along with host Shahrukh Khan at 7pm on TED Talks India Nayi Soch on STAR Plus.



Host Shah Rukh Khan with Speaker Ashwin Ram on TED Talks India Nayi Soch