When thespian Dilip Kumar floored Yash Chopra with his performance!

When thespian Dilip Kumar floored Yash Chopra with his performance! news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 11 Dec 2014 12:11:57.6370000 IST

Ae bhai koi hai…Zara Gadi Roko Bhai

This heart wrenching scene from MASHAAL(1984), where legendary actor Dilip Kumar is depicted yelling and pleading for help to rescue his ailing wife dying of pain on the streets is arguably one of the most memorable scenes that the thespian Dilip Kumar has ever portrayed on the silver screen in his illustrious career.


Eminent filmmaker Yash Chopra, who directed the film, also believes that it is one of the greatest emotional scenes ever enacted by an actor in the ‘history’ of Indian cinema. Admiring the thespian for delivering such a mindboggling scene

Yash Chopra, in an interview said, ''The iconic scene has become a text book for generation of actors to learn how to emote dexterously on screen without being loud.''

Going nostalgic about the scene Yash Chopra had said, ''Actually whenever film directors shot such an intense and poignant scenes they either shot it in a single take or at least in a single schedule. This enables the actor to retain the trauma and pathos of the character. But unfortunately since the scene was shot on the streets of Mumbai, despite all my efforts the scene took four days to complete.''

He added, ''We had shot the scene on the deserted streets of Ballet Peer in Mumbai, which is an office zone hence we would begin shot in the wee hours in the morning and had to wrap the shot before office goers started flocking. Hence the continuity of the scene was interrupted several times but I salute Dilip Sahab, who was not at all distracted by these hiatus. Instead he was calm and kept intact the gravity of tragedy for those four days consistently thus leaving me floored with his brilliant performance.''

''After shooting that scene I realized why Dilip Kumar is called an institution in acting!,'' he quipped.