Who brings smile to Sonu Sood...

img By Glamsham Editorial | 24 Jul 2009 15:19:02.1330000 IST



Sonu Sood has recently gotten himself a new gift and he calls him Teddy!

Sonu always wanted to get a pup for himself, but was waiting for the right opportunity and the right pup. When this cute little monster came his way, he could not say no and brought him home. Though right now teddy is in Sonu's native place in Moga with Sonu's father, who calls him Snowy because of his white fur.

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When we asked Sonu, he replied, 'Teddy has become a very important part of our lives. I had a dog when I was young, but when he died I was really heart broken and couldn't think of getting another one. But this time when my friend showed me Teddy, I just knew that he had to come to my house. So here he is and he is such a beautiful dog and really mischievous too. He brings a smile to everyone's lips with his cute little antics.'

So whether he be called Teddy or Snowy, we are sure that the cute buddle of joy has Sonu and his family running after him.