John Cena reveals his favorite Transformer superhero

John Cena (Pic. Courtesy: Instagram)

Wrestling star and actor John Cena who plays evil Sector 7 agent Jack Burns says Optimus Prime was his favourite Transformer as a child.

The BUMBLEBEE actor admitted while he "should" pick the title character from the new blockbuster prequel - in which he plays evil Sector 7 agent Jack Burns, reports

In an interview to a newspaper, Cena said: "I was the right age for it, but I was possibly a little bit at the wrong time. I grew up with four other brothers and we had to fight for everything we had in our house."

"I had a wonderful childhood, but it's not like it was overflowing with gifts and presents, so we had to use our imaginations in certain circumstances."

"But my favourite, and I know I should say BUMBLEBEE, really was Optimus Prime. He was the leader of essentially the good guys. I hark back to my obsession with WWE as a kid. I loved the good guys. I wasn't one of those fans that like the bad guys."