Who scared Jimmy Shergill?

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 21 Sep 2010 18:32:05.9300000 IST

Raaj Varma and Anjum Rizvi's upcoming film A FLAT, which releases in the first week of October, has already sent shivers down Jimmy Shergill's spine, who stars in the movie alongside Sanjay Suri, Kaveri Jha and Hazel.

Jimmy recalls while shooting for a spooky sequence for the film, he gave his shot as usual and immediately went to the monitor to check if the shot was proper. The following scenes which occurred on the monitor were unbelievable. The scene was such that Jimmy was looking at a book and hazel was standing behind him in ghost look.

view A FLAT stills

view A FLAT stills

A source said, "Hazel was looking so scary that when Jimmy saw the shot on the monitor he got extremely scared and jumped off his seat." Jimmy couldn't believe the shot could have been as scary as it didn't feel while enacting in that specific shot. A crew member said, "Jimmy was really scared after looking at the shot, and his eye balls bulge out."

Jimmy now believes that all those who like horror movies, A FLAT is a must watch for them. The cinematography in the film is very thrilling giving a Hollywood film feel.