Why announce the 'Break-up'!!??

the broken celebrity  jodis

The latest relationship gone kaput in B-town is formally announced. It is of someone who went to great lengths to express his familial bond in his last release and did it very convincingly. But let me correct myself… how does it matter, what an actor does in real life and his reel life (is it practice before preach here too?), to the population at large or for that matter to the media until instigated!!

It seems the trend to display (so to say) courage and ask for things that you actually have was started by Hrithik. I mean, ‘privacy'. Would someone have had gone ahead and asked a Hrithik or a Sussanne or for that matter any one if Hrithik and Sussanne were actually living together or not, or was there a problem in their paradise at all!!?? Guess, no. Until the superstar himself thought of ‘invoking' his PR machinery and thought that he's taking a bold step of announcing that there is trouble in paradise (and he is single again)! And that's not all. The surprise (at least I am) in these announcements is that these celebrities ask for ‘privacy', ha ha… Let's take the latest ‘announcement', requesting that ‘they be given the privacy that is required at this time to move forward in a dignified manner'. C'mon, privacy means a state of being free from public attention. But ironically, it is you yourself who is attracting the media glare to something that is privy to you. Had you not sent out this communication, how the hell would we know (since we are not close to you) what is going on within your four walls. So, the matter was still private and you had the privacy too. Isn't it correct to say that everyone enjoys their own privacy and need not ask for, from the outside world. Then why do these already popular celebrities, who are also icons/idols of many, want to bring matter out of the closet??

May I request the intelligent celebrities to not use the publicity machinery to ‘announce' matters that others are not really bothered about and also cannot help or even offer a shoulder to cry for.

Moreover, when a film is up for release you swarm the media: television, print, internet, radio... You want it all and go to any lengths to get heard and written about! If you want to announce, no problem; every celebrity ‘thinks' the world ‘wants to know'. That is what we call vanity. But then why ask for ‘privacy'? It's like inviting us to a party and requesting us not to have water or even the food!

Getting back to you (who went to great lengths to express his familial bond), thanks to your PR note, I now know the name of your wife and that you have two children too!