Emraan Hashmi launches a bold initiative ahead of WHY CHEAT INDIA's release


2018 saw the emergence of the #MeToo movement for women, empowering them to speak up against sexual harassment at the workplace. While several cries may have been illegitimate and publicity-seeking, on a larger level the cathartic movement sparked a revolution of sorts.

Given the appalling state of the education system and the ordeal that students and parents are forced to go through, Emraan proposes a #MeToo movement to enable students and parents to name and shame the stakeholders in the system who wronged them either for admission or for clearing an exam. The movement is in line with the theme of the keenly awaited WHY CHEAT INDIA, out this week. 

The objective is to expose college owners, professors, principals, government officials, coaching class owners and clerks, all of whom are complicit in corrupting the system.

Emraan is calling upon the aggrieved to reach out to him on Twitter and describe an incident they've been through and reveal the identity of the culprit, along with the hashtag #EduToo. He will retweet some of the complaints, and hopes for the media and law and order machinery to take note and address the exposes on his timeline. 

Said the producers, "Education is a lucrative business worth thousands of crores. It decides the future of our country. Parents and students are cheating and being cheated. It's time to blow the whistle on those who have been extorting money to sell education wrongfully."