Why is Amitabh Bachchan troubled?

Big B apart from being a great actor is also a gem of a person as he has always been very supportive and generous to the needy. There are many actors who take a dig or raise voice against the government but only a few take a wholehearted initiative to bring the action into living. 

Bachchan has always expressed grief and happiness through his blogs by highlighting sensible issues that just set tears in your eyes. Earning fame is an appreciable thing but using that fame for a good cause needs a big heart. The actor has always funded wholeheartedly to recover various adverse situations. In his recent post on the blog, he says he is troubled by the sacrifices of jawans who have been giving up their lives to avoid intrusion in our country, he’s also troubled by the suicides of the farmers as they are not able to pay back the loan.

He quotes’ “There is a suicide in one to save the honour…there is a sacrifice in another to save the honour of the nation".


Further, he says that sacrifices and suicides cause devastating conditions for the loved ones as they leave their loved ones behind. We have also seen him in the show 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' where he has come across some contestants who have been in grim and grief situations. Through government agencies, he has found out 44 families who lost their loved ones while sacrificing for the nation and Big B provided them with financial assistance as a small gesture. The amount provided by him exceeds more than a crore. Apart from this, he has also showered his generosity on 295 farmers by paying off the loan on their behalf the amount being approximately around 2.03 crores. This year Kerala has come across a threatening situation as the anonymous floods have messed the city claiming lives of many and vanishing off the biodiversity. Big B naturally extended the support by funding an amount of Rs 51 Lakhs and 6/7 cartons of his personal clothing for the needy. The main purpose behind him mentioning his deeds is not to gain appreciation but he wants everyone to take a step forward to come ahead by reading this. At times it happens when an odd action has to be taken to achieve a fruitful output, he opted the same way to create a sense of humanity among everyone. Hats off to this splendid actor for his acts of humanity.