Why is Arjan missing from 'Crook' promos?

img By Joginder Tuteja | 04 Oct 2010 12:17:06.5100000 IST

Even as the focus stays on to be entirely on Emraan Hashmi for the promotional campaign of CROOK, there is a strong negative force in the form of Arjan Bajwa which has been purposely kept hidden from the audience so far.

'It is the part of strategy from Bhatts that I won't be revealed for a good time till the release of the film. Mukesh Bhatt saab had explained this to me from day on that I won't be the face of the promos since they wanted my character to be a surprise element in the film,' says Arjan who incidentally plays the brother of film's leading lady Neha Sharma.


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'The role that I play in the film is such that if audience gets to know about it way in advance, the entire mystery element goes away. This is why I never felt that I was getting a raw deal at all,' says Arjan who last made a good impression in Madhur Bhandarkar's FASHION where he played Priyanka Chopra's boyfriend.


No wonder, he is positive that CROOK would be his calling card in the industry.

'When Mohit narrated the story to me, I knew about where the story was heading and how I would be presented,' says Arjan in a relaxed tone, 'It was my role which completely kicked me because I could play someone who was really close to my heart. Once I said yes to the film, Mohit told me that he had written the film keeping me in his mind. What more can an actor want?'

Boasting of some chartbuster tunes by Pritam, CROOK releases all over on 8th October.