Why is Sonam taking a break from social media?

Sonam Kapoor regarded as the fashion icon has always stood up against various social issues and raised voice against it. She is often termed as a feminist for speaking up a lot for women and their betterment. The actress today decided to take an off from a microblogging site for a while calling it all negative here. Now, what is the reason behind Sonam taking a break? Well, Sonam hasn't clarified the reason behind it.

Well, we all know Mumbaikars face a lot of traffic issues while commuting in the city, so did something happen with Sonam. On 4th October she took it to social media and shared a story pinpointing the issues of Mumbai traffic as she was stuck in the heavy traffic and it took her two hours to reach the destination. Things changed when a social media user tagged Sonam Kapoor and educated her by saying celebrities, such as her, use a high-end luxury car, which only gives 3-4 km of mileage per litre, and added to that, the 20 air conditioners in their house also add to the global warming. In the end, the man mentioned her to control this pollution first! Very naturally Sonam reacted to it aggressively and replied: "And it's because of men like you that women find it difficult to use public transport for fear of being harassed." Whereas in the statement the man did not even harass her by any sense. Over this issue, many Twitteratis flooded tweets against her. Since then Sonam has been receiving a lot of negative messages for her reply.

Though she has stated to take a break from microblogging site, she is still active on photo blogging site as she shared stories with her friends. Sonam is currently working on her next film ZOYA FACTOR which is being directed by Abhishek Sharma.