Wife Priyanka plans a surprise B'day for Vivek

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 05 Sep 2011 15:08:35.2470000 IST

It seems Vivek Oberoi has hit the purple patch as the actor is part of two highly anticipated films like ZILLA GHAZIABAD and KRISSH 2 and is also being signed on as an ambassador for various brands.


Vivek's busy with neck deep work, so much so that he hasn't been home for a month now and it seemed that he wasn't able to do so even on his b'day on 3rd September. However this being his first birthday after his marriage to Priyanka Alva, she decided to surprise her hubby by going down to Wai along with her in-laws to be with Vivek on his special day.

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A source from the sets informs us that Priyanka called up the production guys and with their help planned a surprise bash to bring in Vivek's birthday by the poolside of the hotel where the unit is staying. So when the clock struck mid night a unit member bought Vivek down saying that the unit wanted to cut a cake for his birthday, however on seeing his parents and wife present there Vivek was ecstatic and couldn't concede his happiness and was overheard telling others that this was the most special birthday ever.