Will Aamir Khan beat Shahrukh Khan's fastest 100 ever record with DHOOM 3?

Will Aamir Khan beat Shahrukh Khan's fastest 100 ever record with DHOOM 3? news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 17 Dec 2013 12:10:47.2600000 IST

In just a couple of days from now, the biggest film of the year - DHOOM 3 - would be out on screens. The calculators and spreadsheets are already out and the prediction is in place pretty much in advance. The sentiments in the trade are that the Aamir Khan starrer is all set to enjoy the fastest 100 crore ever and in the process, break the record created by Shahrukh Khan earlier this year with CHENNAI EXPRESS.


There are facts to be stated here. In case of CHENNAI EXPRESS, while paid previews had brought in 6.75 crore, over 33 crore came on Friday, 28 crore on Saturday and then over 32 crore on Sunday, hence resulting in 100 crore being accumulated in a matter of a little over 3 days. Now DHOOM 3 is expected to manage that well inside 3 days.

This confidence comes from the fact that there are many positives going in favour of the film, most importantly the sequel factor.

General sentiment in the trade is that as a franchise, DHOOM boasts of some excellent recollect value. Moreover with brand names like Aditya Chopra and Aamir Khan involved, it is a given that the film would be a quality product. Stepping in of Katrina Kaif, who hasn't seen a flop for half a decade since YUVVRAAJ (2008) and is arriving a year after JAB TAK HAI JAAN only lends further credibility to the film. Moreover, the film has seen a constant rise in buzz and hype, which is only going to increase further by the time the D-Day (20th December 2013) arrives.

Add to that the holiday factor and the biggest release ever that a Bollywood film has ever enjoyed and DHOOM 3 could well be looking at not just the opening weekend record of over 100 crore but even the highest Friday ever to falling on a non-holiday.