Will Anushka's PARI break the monotony of standard Bollywood horror?


Blame it on Bollywood horror movies, we are so used to with the clichés that we expect either creaking doors, some purani havelis or isolated mansions or bungalows, 20-100-200-or-1000 year old secret, car breaking down in the middle of the road amidst a creepy & lonely jungle, amavasya or poornima ki raat, one of the friends or family members possessed eventually, a cursed veiled tree happening around in the run-of-the-mill horror dramas/thrillers.

By applying old-school horror tactics or done to death sequences, horror here has become so monotonous that we can predict the story/incidents half-way or rather in the opening shot while watching the flick, thanks to Ramsay Brothers, ideally known for this genre, to make it repetitious & hackneyed over the years. And if that was not enough filmmakers like Ramu & Vikram Bhatt tried to give it a different touch initially but fell short of making it unique or taking it to another level later.

And just when we thought Indian audience is not lucky enough to enjoy a super scary Bollywood flick, it seems Anushka Sharma’s PARI is here to break the monotony and perhaps fulfill our desire to witness a real different style of horror. Going by the spine-chilling posters, teasers & trailers, it looks like Anushka is here to scare the living daylights out of us. And what is striking is the way it has been treated.

If one recalls the umpteen horror flicks that we have seen till date had some or other ghost or the protagonist being possessed and he/she is on a killing spree or spook out the other members around him/her. But here in PARI you will see how the ghost of the protagonist is petrifying her time and again and Pari, played Anushka is shocked to the hell to discover her own terrifying blood-curdling ghost. And it’s absolutely strange for the fact that Anushka not only plays the abused victim but also someone (the protagonist) who comes across the horrific incidents, something that we have not seen so far.

Going by the promotional material of PARI, Anushka Sharma starrer does promise to offer something that we haven’t experienced and explored in horror on Indian celluloid. Having said that let’s wait for the movie what it really has in store for us. PARI is scheduled to hit the screens on Holi i.e. March 2, 2018