Will Nargis challenge Katrina?

Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 06 Sep 2011 12:49:17.4070000 IST

First Look of ROCKSTAR has established one thing which is that the film is not just about the man who plays the title role i.e. Ranbir Kapoor but also has something to cheer about for its leading lady. Nargis Fakhri, who otherwise was perceived to as just another pretty face from foreign shores trying to make a headway into Bollywood, is seemingly promising if the two minute promo is any indication.


Says a source, "There were apprehensions earlier on though as Nargis comes from a modeling background and has zero acting experience. Everyone thought that she would be a mere eye candy and ROCKSTAR would by and large feature only Ranbir."

However the sudden attention that Nargis has managed for herself could well position her in the industry as the next generation's Katrina Kaif.

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"Exactly," says an industry follower, "Katrina has managed so much success for herself and that too on her own terms during last 7-8 years. After her the only other 'outsider' actress who didn't even know Hindi but has still managed a presence for herself has been Jacqueline Fernandez. However unlike the BOOM and ALADIN launch that the two women found for them, Nargis is seeing a dream beginning for herself with an author backed role in ROCKSTAR."

Though the makers of ROCKSTAR are indeed ecstatic with the way things are falling in place for them, there are a few who are expressing caution over the pre-mature celebrations.

"Let's not jump to any conclusions; it is just a promo that we have seen, not the entire film," a trade expert adds on condition of anonymity, "Yes, Nargis is looking good in whatever the makers wanted to showcase. Still, let's not forget that it is Ranbir who is in the title role and may eventually walk away with all the accolades."
Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed on that. If this film clicks, Bollywood can celebrate arrival of a new hot-n-happening female star.