Will Smith celebrated 50th birthday in the most shocking way. Check here

Gone are the days when a person, who turned 50 was counted as almost retired. But it seems now 50 is new 30, as the stars around the world rather prefer to stay that way. Hollywood star Will Smith is no exception, who celebrated his 50th birthday lately. While one would expect Will Smith to be quietly ringing in the day with close ones, he went otherwise. Instead, the actor dove right into his next decade by bungee jumping from a helicopter near the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. The birthday stunt was captured on a YouTube live-stream.

In the video, Smith waits in the helicopter and shakes his head just before saying, "Never look down. That was just terrible." Finally, he leaps out of the helicopter, strapped into a harness and bungee cords, while friends and family members, including wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and kids Trey Smith and Willow Smith look on.

Indeed Will Smith inspired many beings with his stunt and set a new benchmark for all the young hearts who dare to brave it. Check out here: