Will this HERO create an icon as original HERO created?

Will this HERO create an icon as original HERO created? news
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 11 Sep 2015 12:27:08.6630000 IST

It was exactly 32 years ago that a phenomenon in the world of Hindi cinema was created in 1983 when Subhash Ghai ruffled by the failure of his two films KRODHI and VIDHATA decided to create his own brand of super stars and introduced to the world of Hindi cinema a new face - Jackie Shroff, who made a phenomenal impact and still continues to draw wolf whistles whenever he makes his appearance.


Now the clock seems to have turned full back circle as Subhash Ghai returns to his formula of finding a new HERO through his template of introducing a new HERO in the form of Sooraj Pancholi along with Athiya Shetty who again is a new face a la Meenakshi Sheshadri who was introduced with Jackie Shroff in the original HERO.

The template’s basic timber is the same; however there is a quotient of difference interspersed. Now along with Subhash Ghai, the new HERO is being presented by Salman Khan, and it is the star son and daughter who are being introduced through this new version of HERO. Another major difference lies in the fact that the music of the new HERO has to catch on and a signature tune, the lilt of flute in the original HERO, has not caught the fancy of the fans. Besides, the flute’s gay abandon was appropriated by Tiger Shroff, Jackie Shroff’s son through HEROPANTI, claiming genealogical right of succession to a brand built around the image of his father Jackie Shroff.

This being the premise then, the odds are stacked for HERO and it would be interesting to watch out whether the audience of the present times laps up this new HERO and his love interest with the same affection that they had showered for the original HERO. It would also be a test for directional acumen of Nikhil Advani, as normally whenever Subhash Ghai produces a film he handles the direction himself, but for this new HERO he has passed on the baton to Nikhil Advani.

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With context of HERO, the original one, it needs to be informed and underlined that the way Maratha Mandir became synonymous with DIL WAALE DULHANIYA LE JAENGE, in the same manner Vivek cinema hall in Patel nagar, New Delhi had become synonymous with HERO and the bus stop used to known popularly as the HERO bus stop. This cinema hall in fact was a precursor to the multiplexes of the modern times as it had a seating capacity of hardly 300 persons and did not had a proper balcony but an elevated platform that was christened balcony. One always wonders whether the capacity of the hall Vivek in Delhi was also a contributory factor for making HERO a legendary commercial success, as the houseful boards continued to adorn the gates of this cinema hall throughout the year, it surely would have been the trigger to reduce the capacity of the cinema halls so that the houseful could be achieved for a longer period of time.

Subhash Ghai and Salman Khan would be hoping to repeat that success with this new HERO and it would be interesting to watch whether a Vivek cinema hall like situation indeed emerges in Mumbai or Delhi or even in Mangalore as the Mangaloreans are now being given an opportunity to lap up a second generation Mangalorean in the form for Athiya Shetty. Interesting time indeed.