William Macy: It's hard to be man these days


Actor William H. Macy believes it is hard to be a man in times when women are coming out and speaking up against sexual misconduct.

After receiving the Screen Actors Guild Award for Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in SHAMELESS here on Sunday, Macy said he participated in a meeting of Hollywood men related to the Time's Up movement, reports variety.com.

"It is hard to be a man these days. I think a lot of us feel like we are under attack and that we need to apologize, and perhaps we do. We had a meeting. A bunch of guys got together under the auspices of Time's Up. That's good for men. Men don't talk enough. And we talked," he said.

Macy said he sees progress in gender equality in Hollywood.

"In what we do for a living, we have got to be free to speak the unspeakable and try things. So I don't want it to throw a wet blanket on things and I don't feel that it will because half the business is women and they are smart and they are hip," he said.

Noting that he has two daughters, Macy added: "It's a good time to be a girl. I'm proud of this business because such things as safety in the workplace, that is done.

"We are not going back. It's changed. It changed in an instant and it is not going back. When it comes to equality in pay, it is inevitable. It is going to happen and it is going to happen quickly. My hat's off to our business."