Wilson: If Ramu makes CHUDAIL people will watch it

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 07 Sep 2010 16:34:49.5630000 IST



MALLIKA has released and a few have wondered if this was really the apt title for this horror flick. After all MALLIKA gives an impression of being a totally heroine centric film and since this Wilson Louis directorial effort was earlier called 8, tongues have only wagged further. In fact the title MALLIKA has been taken so seriously that the entire promotional campaign was also designed around its leading Sheena Nayyar who enacts the title role. Today in hindsight, does Wilson feel that he compromised by changing the title from 8 to MALLIKA?

"Not really," says Wilson who is enjoying his first commercial release as a feature film maker, "We thought of having a title which could penetrate into interiors of the country as well and this is how MALLIKA struck. Yes, when the film started, it was called 8. 8 means infinity and the message is that whatever you do in life, it will come back to you. As per that, life and death is a cycle, something which went with the theme of the film."


Since his film did deal with a theme like this, did he ever feel that his vision as a director was disrupted due to entire focus shifting on the title and the actor enacting the role?

"No. I think MALLIKA is a very massy name. Also, look at it this way. On face value if a film maker decides to call his film as BHOOT, it would sound very B grade. If Ramsays would have used this as a title for one of their films, not many would have stepped in. But then because it had Ramu's name attached to it, BHOOT saw very good reception coming its way. Going by that, I am convinced that tomorrow when I get a branding and even call my film as CHUDAIL, people will go for it," Wilson reasons here.

Well, we wonder if Ramu would lap up the idea!