Ikinaki breaks through to create a shopper’s networking platform

In the raging co-existence of virtual reality, people now turn to social media for daily updates on all things in their own social circle and to be aware of what is happening around them. Ikinaki aims to tap into this very psyche and has launched a social shopper networking. Ikinaki, a name that is a unique and catchy concoction of syllables that will surely ring right in your head, sets its own standard while aiming to create a unique shopping experience for its users just like the name itself.

On Ikinaki, users can watch and read reviews from other users, read and watch Ikinaki's editorial content, and even post and share their own experiences of using various products with the community. Reviewing more and getting a bigger subscriber base, helps users gain better discounts, offers, and trials from brands in our exclusive section. Overall, Ikinaki offers a holistic community experience.  

Ikinaki was launched as a sampling platform, wherein customers logged on to choose beauty product samples on their wish list. It was an experiment, more of a first step to gauge the choices and preferences of consumers in order to set up a bigger platform eventually to expand exponentially. Ikinaki has since then evolved into an iOS and Android app, and also available on the web.

Ikinaki Founder, Malvika Khajuria, the brain behind this platform is an alumnus of MICA, Ahmedabad, where she majored in Branding & Communication Marketing. Post that she was an Analyst with Gartner for two years, before starting up. She comes with an analytical approach to problem-solving and an obsession for perfecting user experience.


Recently, Malvika has been joined by Priyanka Tariyal as an Investing Partner to drive platform growth. Priyanka is an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, where she did her M.Sc. and comes with 7 years of work experience heading pre-sales at Motorola & Nice Systems.

Today, the platform has close to 8000 sign-ups and is growing steadily. Overall premium beauty and health market is a billion dollar industry in India, and millions of women and men are shopping these products online every day! Ikinaki aims to be a true shopping companion to these women and men and help them get maximum value for money. In the next 5 years, Ikinaki aims to bring all beauty and wellness shoppers to the platform and be the number 1 place for all product-related banter and shopping decisions.

Malvika Khajuria, the Founder at Ikinaki talks about its relevance in today's time, \"Men and Women in India are now looking to buy skincare and grooming products online, but choice evaluation is a time-consuming exercise because of the inefficiencies involved. While the marketplaces offer plenty of options, Indian consumer is a discreet spender and wants maximum value for money.\" She further explains, \"E-commerce sites list products, so it's easy to shop if you know exactly what to buy, but what about instances, where you are not sure which brand or variant is ideal for you? Or when a new product was launched in the same category? Discovery & evaluation is where Ikinaki comes to play\"