Explore the quest for wisdom and forgiveness with The Three Questions

The Three Questions poster
In the era of increasing demand for movies and series, the attraction for theatre and stage plays has declined a bit. Watching the actors perform live is all the way an amazing experience. While we watch some new movies, here's a look at a new stage play which is in town. 

Yusuf Ferryman's stage plays The Three Questions is back in town with its astounding adaptation of the short story of the same name by Leo Tolstoy. Pulled back from the English Renaissance era, the story is a parable about a certain king who wants to know the answers to his three questions which once occurred to him. The main theme of on which the play is based is curiosity. The other themes which the play tries to explore are the quest for knowledge, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, and wisdom. 

Ketan Waghela, Saubhik Chakrobarty, Farzan Raza, Daya Sagar, Vikas Swarnkar, Rijul Rajpal and director Yusuf Ferryman himself are the lead actors of the play. To enhance it, the lights and music his handled by Tauseef Ahmad and Sanjeev Mahto respectively. The costumes for the characters are designed by Ketan Waghela. 

Directed and adapted by Yusuf Ferryman The Three Questions is presented by Elizabeth Theatre Group. The play will be presented today at Si Bambai, Mumbai.