Women's Day special: And the DANGAL to be equal continues...

Women's Day special:  And the DANGAL to be equal continues... news
img By Vishal Verma | 08 Mar 2017 12:16:11.6000000 IST

Its International Women’s Day today and the theme this time is - ‘Be Bold For A Change’. Many will say that this line is best suited for the CBFC and it has a point. But the writer over here is not keen on expressing his views on CBFC right now but is rather surprised by this ironical fact that Bollywood who has raised its voice for women empowerment in its cinema, is also guilty of continuously practicing and reinforcing the gender stereotypes every now and then.

It’s a strange merry go round situation starting from the advent of the technology of moving pictures but to begin with let’s consider this famous dialogue by megastar Amitabh Bachchan in his 1985 blockbuster MARD to establish the cliché male chauvinist mindset that prevails not only in Bollywood but worldwide, the dialogue goes like – ‘Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota’ (a man doesn’t feel the pain), which in a way suggest that all pain and suffering are reserved for women. On a lighter note, how many flag-bearers of women liberty have contacted married males or boyfriends dominated by their girlfriends for the same?

Jokes apart, the same icon brilliantly advocated the right to say ‘NO’ in PINK. The Taapsee Pannu starrer was the need of the hour and the girl is extremely lucky to get a chance to kick some butts in an Akshay Kumar and Neeraj Pandey venture NAAM SHABANA. Clap clap. Now that makes the eight decades ago action ‘Queen’ of Bollywood - Fearless Nadia (aka Mary Evans Wadia) who stormed the entertainment hungry and bored by mythological souls of the country with her action-packed avatar.

But what about the super fit, martial arts expert and today’s face of on screen patriotism - Akshay Kumar doing a cheesy imitation of the 80’s baddie Ranjit (allegedly infamous for enacting most of the rape scenes on screen) in this Sajid Nadiadwala’s no brainer called HOUSEFULL 2. Somebody has to draw that Laksham Rekha (line) but on the either side for a change.

Having said that, the Bollywood fraternity and a section of the media from the entertainment industry has failed to raise the voice in the right manner when it comes to the protection of womanhood and pride of a woman in certain cases. Take Kareena Kapoor’s example -  the ‘Geet’ from JAB WE MET who will remain endearing till the end of time for its liveliness, independency and ability to have a choice of her own is way ahead of the dimwit Bollywood heroines seen in all budgets and genres who get nothing much to do but to follow their heroes. Kareena kapoor who has just become a proud mother of a child was seen flaunting her baby bumps in parties, ramp walking, partying.

Surprisingly a section of media praised her for this but in reality according to some reports; medical experts have questioned this attitude and called it ‘risky’, they have cited the example of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for opting for a normal delivery in spite of the option of painless delivery by operation. The experts have reportedly went ahead and said that the actress Kareena Kapoor has send confusing signals to the public in general. Motherhood is the biggest gift given by god to a woman and should be taken seriously is the argument. The ability to become a mother and give birth to a child gives woman the edge over man making her undoubtedly superior than man and a public figure like Kareena should have taken some extra care.

Interestingly, many people from different sections and women organizations (silent on Kareena’s so called ‘risky’ stand on walking ramp and partying during pregnancy) cried foul when the same Kareena Kapoor did an item number in DABANGG 2 that had such cheesy and chauvinist lyrics like “main toh tandoori murgi ho yaar, gatka le alcohol se” (I refuse to translate this in English). The line has to be drawn by both man and woman.

Bollywood films are continuously guilty of promoting roadside romeos – a line in RAANJHANAA starring Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor beautifully establishes this without going overboard in which Sonam says, “Tumhari consistency ke liye mil rahe hai, pyar ke liye nahi’ (meeting because of your consistency and not because of love). Now isn’t this a signal to stalkers and other roadside Romeos…

Bollywood will celebrate Women’s day today, International women’s day to be precise but from where the idea is coming from, it’s from the west which is no better in its gender discrimination. Picture this – in the 88 years of the glorious history of Oscar Awards, only four female filmmakers have been nominated for their directorial achievements - Lina Wertmüller (SEVEN BAEUTIES), Jane Campion (THE PIANO), Sofia Coppola (LOST IN TRNSLATION), and Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER). Bigelow is the only women director to win an Oscar award. The inequality in pay checks has being expressed by top Hollywood celebs like Emma Watson and Beyoncé. They call the gender inequality as ‘celluloid ceiling’.

While Bollywood gears up to do some healing to the wounded women’s pride by the system, fraternity and the CBFC and the DANGAL’ to be equal continues, let’s begin with a ‘Ladies special’ at CBFC for films like LIPISTICK UNDER MY BURKHA, at least the letter won’t write such derogatory remarks like ‘lady oriented’ film to begin with. Followed by no from A list actresses for item songs with such cheap lyrics like ‘tandoori murgi’ and more movies like DANGAL, MARY KOM and so on..

Happy Women’s Day!!