Would a new history be written today when KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON releases today?

Would a new history be written today when KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON releases today? news
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 25 Sep 2015 19:12:55.7770000 IST
Today when Kapil Sharma's debut making film KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON releases it would have many firsts to its credit and it would be interesting to watch whether these firsts on their own would catapult Kapil Sharma into the world of entertainment industry with aplomb.


1. This would be the first Abbas Mastan directed film which does not have a usual quota of thrill and revenge for which the brother duo in white is famous; rather it would be an out and out comedy. It would be interesting to watch whether the director duo would be able to diversify into this genre or this would be a one-off affair.

2. First film for an actor on a debut where he is pitted against four heroines- Manjari fadnis, Amrita Puri, Elli Avram and Simran Kaur Mundi and in all probability it has never happened in the history of Indian cinema that such kind of debut has happened as it would happen with KIS KISKO PYAAR KAROON. One wonders whether the film actresses would have liked to associate in such a manner with a debut film as the eyeballs have been presented a feast of opportunity to roam around.

3. This would be second such major step on into the world of cinema after having established oneself into the television industry- Kapil Sharma being rated amongst top most entertainers of the country figuring in the Forbes List and following in the footsteps of SRK aka Shah Rukh Khan who also stepped on from television to cinema and continues to rule it since 1993. Would Kapil Sharma be able to follow in the footsteps of SRK- well, he has adopted the name SRK for his character in the film! After SRK there were scores of attempts by actors to graduate from television to cinema but none could successfully emulate SRK, would Kapil Sharma be able to buck the trend? Obviously Kapil Sharma has tried to use most of the templates through which SRK had made his debut right from the director to the producers as well- Venus Films Private Limited and therefore there indeed would be a great sense of anticipation about this film.

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4. Normally when a new face has been introduced into the world of Hindi cinema, invariably it has either capitalized on the quotient of romance or action, but a debut that is trying to leverage the quotient of humoUr and comedy would again be perhaps in all probability the first of its kind in the world of Hindi cinema.

5. Kapil Sharma would not be that much anxious and would not be having butterflies in his stomach about the success or failure of the film as he already is an established star in the world of entertainment.

6. Would Kapil Sharma be able to change the manner in which he deals with his on-screen partner- the derisive manner in which he interacts with his wife on the television screen, would the same trend be visible in KIS KIS KO PYAAR KARU or a new trend would emerge.

7. Eid is an occasion in the film industry when either a Salman Khan film releases or a SRK film releases and Kapil Sharma has tried to copy this template as well and would it turn out to be Mannat from the heaven that he has been seeking?

Jury would be out by the end of the day.