Would RASCALS be a watershed in Kangana Ranaut's career?

Sanjay Dutt Ajay Devgn Kangana Ranaut in Rascals
Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 04 Oct 2011 19:58:00 IST

Aspiration is the yeast that motivates the tinsel town performers, who come with a dream in their eyes to keep on perspiring, tirelessly hunting for that elusive role, or being a part of the film that would create a box office history and accord them a place of permanence in the annals of cinema. If one were to view the maxim with reference to Kangana Ranaut, then indeed RASCALS could be such point of inflection in her acting career. The maxim is being propounded as her co-stars in the film include Ajay Devgn who in the recent times has emerged as the most successful star at the box office, and there is a Sanjay Dutt as well who has developed his own style of comedy. Icing on the cake is the fact that RASCALS is being directed by David Dhawan.

But does it mean that Kangana Ranaut is trying to ride piggy back on her co-stars as also the director to make her mark? Not really, as to be a part of RASCALS Kangana Ranuat has also undergone metamorphosis in her on-screen performance and shedding all inhibitions has decided to show that she also has assets that can be displayed on the screen and can make the audience gasp at her figure. Indeed, she did not have gumption to step into bikini on occasions in RASCALS to display her assets on the screen. 

Were one to put the skin show of Kangana Ranaut in perspective in RASCALS, one could say that the choice of displaying her assets on the screen could be more guided by the fact that she is acting along with two of the finest comedy performers in the world of Hindi cinema in present times, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt, and to steal a scene from them skin show would be the perfect icing on the cake, flavored with her own sense of comic timing, which she displayed with aplomb in TANU WEDS MANU.

In a film based on comedy which is rather situational than based on timing, a female actor rarely gets to have a role like that Kareena Kapoor got in GOLMAAL-3 or 3 IDIOTS, but she also cannot let go an opportunity like this which comes across the way. So, taking recourse to skin show or relying on one's own assets to make a mark on the screen is a perfect way out, as it has been for Kangana Ranaut. And indeed Kangana Ranaut in RASCALS has demonstrated that she has assets that can set the screen on fire, Kangana Ranaut is no such exception in using her physical assets to her advantage to stand out among her famous co-actors, as she has done for RASCALS. Even an Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did the same in DHOOM 2 and the effortless manner in which she did it, never created an awkward moment on the screen. From the promos of RASCALS it is apparent that Kangana Ranaut has also moved on to the next gear in her acting career by leveraging her physical assets, also taking recourse to some help from technology to chisel the aberrations of her physical assets to set the screen on fire with RASCALS. One only hopes that from here on she would evolve into an actress who would have comedy as her USP but would it would be interspersed with the display of her ample physical assets as well. It may be late in her career for Kangana Ranuat to do it, as she has done it in RASCALS, but if a Jane Fonda can still talk about being attractive, sexy and looking out for opportunities to love at the ripe age of eighty, then for Kangana Ranuat doing it at her age is no big deal.