What could be the fate of this week’s movie releases?


This Friday, i.e. tomorrow there are two releases - Sushant Singh Rajput starrer SONCHIRIYA and Kartik Aaryan starrer LUKA CHUPPI. The producers and the cast of both the releases have done their bit in promoting their respective films. Also India lost to Australia in the last two T20 cricket matches. Why am I talking about cricket?

We all are aware about India's on going geo political issue; every medium of news is showing with minute-by-minute updates about the 26/02 event. With so much happening in our country, there's one more important thing that Indian's skipped or rather forgot to make a point, which they would often do? Indian's are obsessed with cricket and definitely they are hooked onto India's match, but did we even realize that we lost two matches against Australia, Virat played well still we lost, Maxwell played well, catches were missed, huge run rate, trolls, trolls and more trolls. But this time no trolls! Surprisingly there weren't any trolls with respect to India Vs Australia's match.

Well, It is a known fact that cricket and Bollywood happens to be our staple diet. We Indians are known to ‘worship’ the game of cricket and Bollywood or movies. What is noteworthy today is that no one is bothered about India’s loss to Australia in cricket’s current favourite format of T20!! There is absolute silence on the social media as well as amongst the friends and colleagues about why India lost to Australia, who played badly, why, etc. none is interested in becoming a cricket expert, in sharing why a batsman played bad or a bowler did not bowl well.

Isn’t it surprising? Yes and no both, Yes because we are supposed to react to what happens in cricket and everyone has their opinion and suggestion. No because we have a bigger issue at hand. Rather biggest! India has experienced yet another terrorist attack and have given a befitting reply too. The Nation is now showing their concerns about the rising tension between two countries and a near war-like situation (as called by a few in newspapers, TV, etc.). The population is discussing the geo political situation, the bravery and valour of the armed forces, specially the Indian Air Force (IAF) in the current surgical strike.

With this do you think films releasing this week will get the reward of their hard work.