Zakir Hussain, “sensitive” villain in DEADLINE!

After his hard-hitting performance in the role of the villain in SARKAR, Zakir Hussain will be once again be seen in a negative role in Tanveer Khan's DEADLINE-Sirf 24 Ghante. In the film, Zakir plays the role of a villain who shows a lot of sensitivity to the protagonists. A sensitive villain "Why not! People with grey shades to their characters also have a humane side to them. In the film, I am bad but not as ugly. Most of my screen time is spent with the abducted child Princey and she never hates me",he says.

Zakir currently has an interesting line-up of films, in which he plays diverse characters most of them grey. There's Ramgopal Verma's DARWAZA BANDH RAKHO, SHIVA, SHABARI and DARNA ZAROORI HAI, Jhamu Sugandh's JOHNY GADDAR and HE-THE ONLY MAN directed by Lalit Marathe and Padmaylaya Films, FOOL N FINAL. As if that's not enough, the talented theatre artist is also dabbling in television roles on the small screen. According to Zakir, the size of the screen is immaterial as long as the character is an interesting one. "I never see the size of the screen when I accept a character. Whether it's the big screen or the small screen, I go by my role and its sensitivity," he says.

Recently he was awarded by Stardust with 'The Menace award', a new award instituted for the best villain on the scene, for his unforgettable performance in SARKAR. "I felt absolutely honored. I was told that I was among the most hated men on screen post SARKAR but I didn't know that the award was an indication that I indeed deserved to be hated", he smiles.