Zareen and Abhinav make out even in <i>'Tanhaiyaan'</i>!

Zareen and Abhinav make out even in <i>'Tanhaiyaan'</i>! news
img By Ruchita Mishra | 06 Oct 2017 17:05:17.0370000 IST

AKSAR 2 starring, Gautam Rode, Zareen Khan and Abhinav Shukla is set to hit the theaters soon.

The makers have released the trailer as well as two sensuous tracks namely ‘Aaj Zid’ and ‘Jaana Ve’ and now here comes the third song titled ‘Tanhaiyaan’ which features Zareen Khan and Abhinav Shukla.

The song is soulful and touchy and shows pain and longing of two lovers. We are in love with the locations, the scenic beauty where lovers Zareen and Abhinav make love.

Amidst such an exotic location we can see Zareen and Abhinav locking lips and making out. The song has intense love and emotions that flow into their blood. While we understand the movie’s bold genre, but we wonder if every song needs to have make out scene, especially if it’s a sad song. Perhaps, we will get our answers once the film releases.

The song is crooned by ‘Bulleya’ singer Amit Mishra.

However, Amit’s beautiful voice is lost between Abhinav and Zareen’s intimacy.