Zayed & Sameera root for Priyadarshan's TEZZ

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 09 Jan 2012 10:51:37.7070000 IST

First Look of TEZZ is out and it is quite apparent that the film would be a battle between prime antagonist Ajay Devgn and the man who is all set to stop him in his mission, Anil Kapoor. While the seniors would certainly hold centre stage in this stylish-n-cool looking action flick which is said to be a remake of Japanese film THE BULLET TRAIN, young ones like Zayed Khan and Sameera Reddy  would be indulging in some dare devil action sequences as well.

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Says Sameera, "You don't know how crazy and excited Priyadarshan has been for TEZZ. He seldom dedicates one full year for a film but he has done that in case of TEZZ. He is trying to explore various spectrums now. His KAANJIVARAM got him so much critical acclaim; now he wants to prove that he can make a cool looking action film as well if he wants. He has that fire in his belly right now and he won't rest till he has achieved what he is set out for. TEZZ is his dream."

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Her co-star Zayed Khan nods in consent as well. Though the youngster has enjoyed an out and out action flick like BLUE before, Zayed admits that working in TEZZ has further satiated his desire to continue working in this genre.

Says Zayed, "BLUE was very slick, classy and beautiful in the way it was executed. As for TEZZ, other than action it also boasts of these lovely characters in the film. The way Priyadarshan has handled idea of heroes and villains in the movie is very interestingly and intelligently poised. He has been into these blockbuster mad comedies for years now. With TEZZ he is taking a U turn and making something that can even challenge the West."

Actors Kangana Ranaut, Boman Irani and Mohanlal are also playing roles in the TEZZ which releases all over on April 27.