Zayed turns early riser for Priyadarshan's TEZZ

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 08 Aug 2011 12:58:27.5200000 IST

Since Priyadarshan shoots his films in a jiffy and generally works with a multi starcast, he wants all actors to report early and on time so that his films stick to schedule. One such actor who had to bring around a change in his sleeping pattern was Zayed Khan. Resultantly he had to let go off his party ways and turn into an early riser.

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view ZAYED KHAN picture gallery

"Zayed is hardly known for being an early riser and Priyan told him in no uncertain terms that a pre-requisite to be a part of his TEZZ was to wake up around five in the morning," informs a unit member, "Zayed remembered this and ensured that he never gave his director any reason to complain."

Says Zayed who has now wrapped a major part of the film in London, "Imagine waking up at 5 AM and that too at a temperature of minus two degrees. It was indeed a challenge but then I had already made a promise to Priyan."

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In fact once when there was a minor mishap and Zayed found himself in the middle of freezing water, Priyadarshan was amused to the hilt.

"Yeah, we were shooting an action sequence in the canals of Birmingham and my jet ski toppled over in water. I couldn't even move my arms as the water there was so cold. Priyan sir joked whether I was sure that I wanted to report in the mornings. I convinced him that I was sure indeed," he smiles before signing off.