Zeishan Quadri: Sahil is a very good person at heart!

The versatile film-maker and actor Zeishan Quadri, has been receiving rave reviews for his performance in Viu’s latest series ‘Banned’. His portrayal of a blind character is much praised by everyone. Although, the actor cum producer, director and writer commends his co-actors from the web show.

Quadri applauding his co-actors, quipped, “It was a lot of fun working with all of them. I knew Deepak from before, Sahil and Paresh I got to know quite well. All three of shared a great bond which developed throughout filming for Banned, especially Sahil and me. The two of us have pulled Deepak’s legs so much, which was quite a memorable experience.”


With only high regards for each other, the cast of Banned seem to have formed a great friendship and love for each other over the course. To see their real life bond showcased in reel life, keep watching ‘Banned’ every Fridays only on Viu!

Speaking about the STUDENT OF THE YEAR actor Sahil Anand, Quadri revealed, “Sahil is a very good person at heart. I really appreciate him always being enthusiastic, fun-loving and ever ready to pull a prank. He kept the set lively and it was lovely to work with him.”